Parallel live streaming of voice to remote server


I am using Asterisk v18.18.0 and CentOS v8 as the base OS.

I want to send a live Voice / RTP stream from Asterisk to a remote machine for Speech-to-text conversion and analysis. Please suggest whether Asterisk has an inbuilt option for this or suggest some open-source tools to send the RTP packets from the Asterisk server and capture and save them remotely.

Secondly is it possible to stream both channels separately (Caller 1 to Asterisk being Channel 1 and Asterisk to Caller 2 being the second channel) so that the Speech to Text will have more clear voice data for conversion.

It will also have less context to enable AI to correctly match the sounds to appropriate words.

Thanks for the reply @david551.

However, my query was not regarding the Speech-to-text conversion.
I need your suggestion on open-source tools to capture the live voice stream in Asterisk, send it to a remote server, and capture the voice stream in the remote machine for further processing.

Thanks again.

Asterisk provides external media via ARI but it’s ultimately up to you to put the pieces together. I’m not aware of anything else that fits your needs, though don’t keep apprised of generic solutions generally.

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