HA for Asterisk

Hi folks,

I have 2 Asterisk server as Active and Standby with IP float, and I want to make a High Availability for them. In many cases the service is up on Active node but other issues will happen so I should move IP float to Standby server.
Are there any solution for HA on the calls status? I mean when many calls hang up, IP float move to Standby server?
Now I’m using Pacemaker for IP float solution.

thanks for helps.

Hi again,

Any idea how it can be possible?

You won’t be able to save the call if the active server drops, but the calls should continue on the previously active server if you roll from one to another. With pacemaker and heartbeat, it will auto-roll if the active server drops. Not sure if Asterisk is part of your CRM, or you’re just trying to use Pacemaker for IP Failover. I have several servers using Heartbeat and Pacemaker. Under normal circumstances, it works fine. However, a simple network hiccup can cause split-brain. I’m moving to keepalived for IP failover.