Asterisk and BT Voyager 220v FXO port

Hey Guys,

I’m wondering if it’s possible to utilize the FXO port on the Voyager 220v to route incoming calls from the ptsn line to my asterisk pbx on the lan?

THe voyager 220v is quite useful in that it has 2 fxs ports that can be configured (with the hacked firmware) to connect to a sip provider. I have connected the 220v to my asterisk pbx to utilize the 2 fxs to connect a couple of cordless dect phones… this works fine.

But now I want to connect up the ptsn line to control incoming calls. Rather than buy another box to do this, I’m wondering if its possible to use the fxo on the 220v. As far as I know the 220v has a ptsn port which is considered a backup port or failover port for one of the sip/fxs ports incase the network/sip service goes down.

This means that if the sip service is unavailable it defaults to using the ptsn line for calls instead.

Does anyone have any idea if I can connect the fxo port up to asterisk via lan so that I can route incoming calls on the pstn line?

Thanks, appreciate any thoughts!


Hi Danny, did you ever get any response on this? It is something I am trying to play with now, although I have not managed to get the sip trunk to work yet.