Call transfer Avaya - Asterisk ooh323

I have a problem …

I have an Avaya IP Office 403 working in H.323. I managed to connect it to my asterisk server through library ooh323 … even though I was forced to set as default codec ULAW (which is quite heavy), though the quality is acceptable.

My problem born when I do a call transfer to another extension of AVAYA:

A = internal of avaya (H.323) n.1
B = internal of avaya (H.323) n.2
C = internal of asterisk (sip)

A calls B, B runs the call of A to C.
B and C (Avaya and Asterisk) are communicating properly, but when they turn the call B of A to C, C hears the voice of A, but A does not hear the voice of C.

I read on some forums that might be some problem ooh323, but I do not know where to put hands …
I hope I explained well …

If you have any suggestions let me know

Thanks :wink:

(Mu-Law is the north American standard for PSTN telephony, so it will give you the best quality you can expect if the call involves the PSTN at any stage.)

Provided you’re running the latest supported version of Asterisk, you can open an issue on the issue tracker:

Here are the guidelines for reporting a bug: