Dial plan problem

i’m setting up asterisk with e billing system and i have a problem i coudn’t resolve ;any help would be appreciated .

so he is my extention.conf

and here is my log

the problem is i downt know why the dial plan is not executed properly .in the dial plan i have
exten => _.,n,Goto(termination,${EXTEN},1)
but from the log
Goto (termination,00213778999999,60)

i realy dont know from where the 60 is comming and why the termination context is not executed from the begining but from the 60 line ?
thank’s a lot guys for giving it some time!!!

From the extension. | is an obsolete parameter separator.

thanks for the reply.but i dont have any errors in my debug .
my question why do i have Goto b[/b]
it should be Goto b[/b]

any suggestions ???

other thing , i’m still on the 1.4 version !!!

Your current extension is: 00213778999999|60|HhL(72000000)M(stime

This contains the Asterisk 1.4 argument separator, so when the variable is substituted, it parses as:

Dialstring: SIP/00213778999999
Timeout: 60
Options: HhL(72000000)M(stime

You appear to be getting this extension from the other end of the IAX link, possibly because it is not 1.4, but has been configured as though it was.