Asterisk A20 Reest?

I have about 20 Asterisk A20 phones that look practically brand new, but they were used for a month. I want to factory reset them because they contain phone numbers and peoples names and call history. I can’t find ANYWHERE at all on line on how to factory reset these phones.

The default password has been changed so webgui or on the menu system is out of the question. I have tried tons of key combinations but nothing works.

Anyone have any Insight on this ?

Googling for ‘digium a20 reset to factory’ seems to yield hits.

I don’t have one to try.

Good luck.

I’m told, but can’t confirm, that the procedure is to enter *#168 while the phone is in POST mode when it’s booting up.

All that does is put it in post mode, i got this exact same combo from Support this morning but it just sits at post mode when you do that.

I made a video, i hope this helps people in the future :slight_smile:

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