Asterisk, a Sangoma A104d and an Alcatel Litespan 1540NT UTR

Hi guys,

I am trying to connect an Alcatel Litespan 1540NT UTR2M to my Asterisk box that has a Sangoma A104D 4-port interface. Although I can install my card succesfully I cant seem to get connectivity from the E1 device.

We are currently trying with both direct and crossed cables from a RJ11 (although the connecter has 6 pins) port to port 1 (RJ45) on our Sangoma card. Are we trying to output from the wrong place on our Alcatel? Should we be trying to connect from the 120Ohm jack instead?

I live in Spain, and the company Telefonica installed the Alcatel Litespan 1540NT UTR2M, so I don’t know if this model is commonplace elseware.

Any feedback would be most appreciated. Thanks

given that a google returns almost zilch i would think you’re going to have fun !! any chance of Alcatel helping you out with some kind of manual ? or perhaps your telco, as i would imagine it’s been setup/developed specifically for them.

if it’s RJ11 are you sure it’s an E1 interface and not some POTS/ADSL connection ?

Hi baconbuttie,

Google indeed returns things of little or no use, I was only able to locate 1 post on an Asterisk forums saying “use a direct cable”, and my problem is different. I am trying to contact Alcatel to see if one of their techies can give me a hand with the pin layouts, as I dont know if the problem is either:


  • Wrong type or cable configuration
  • Me using the wrong port on the E1 interface
  • The Sangoma card not working correctly
  • Some obscure configuration issue.
    Answering your final query, yes, it is definately a Primary E1 connection and I presume that the “physical” cable layout is the same for all providers. I am currently using the “LIN” RJ11 (6pin) output using a “straight-thru” cat5 cable ending in a RJ45 plug into my Sangoma Card. If I use the 120Ohm RJ45 port (w/straight-thru cat5) nothing happens also.

Looking at the back of the E1 Alcatel Litespan 1540NT device you can see the following ports:

| |
| LIN 2x COAX “703” 120OHM RJ45 |
| RJ11 |

Thanks for your feedback.

good luck !

Ok, finally I discovered I was using the wrong port, all lights are green now and now its time to fight with the config files!!


I am to blame for that!