Asterisk 3 No link to Call Recording

As the subject says, I can see all records/details of calls in the CDR Report, but no link to the actual wav file. Calls are recorded as I can see them sitting in /var/spool/asterisk/monitor.

Any idea how to fix up the CDR?


Too many missinformation:

There is no asterisk 3.
Asterisk has no GUI.
Asterisk has no CDR reports with links to recordings.

I think you need to go and check what GUI are you using and ask in their forums.

A few months a go , i developed a little system based on PHP & MYSQL for fetch the Asterisk CDR and at the same time listen the recording of every calls registered on my CDR. If you know PHP and MYSQL i can share my code. But please don’t Ask me for an step by step guide i don’t have time for that, you have to study and modify the code.

Hello ambiorixg12,

I’m actually developing a similar small system and have some issue linking and playing back call recordings. If your offer ist still actual, I would appreciate to see your code for it.

Best regards

It has been 3 years later I dont hink I have tht code, I lost that server , anyway I can give you a basic Idea of how did I do it.

save the recording path in a CDR variable so this will associate each call on the cdr with with its respective recording

Playing back the recording at that time I just used the HTML tag to play the audio file on my browser , I passed the parameter through the GET method

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