Asterisk 19 without app_mysql. How can I use mysql now?

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subj. Asterisk 19 without app_mysql. How can I use mysql now? I see only res_config_mysql

Question: is there an reason that you do not have
and please note that mysql can be used for other thing, like realtime
also how have you installed asterisk, source code / packet manager / iso

there is obdc module works wonders! have i missed somthing ?
Getting Asterisk Connected to MySQL via ODBC

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no, and in fact it is the general consensus it to use MySQL via ODBC
as there are more that uses ODBC than MySQL directly
witch have the side effect that it should contain fewer bugs
where I work we only uses MySQL via ODBC


I use asterisk from original source. app_mysql removed from Asterisk 19/ Check patchnotes, please.

well if you depend on using app_mysql then I suggest that you use Asterisk 18 (LTS)
until you can rewrite your dialplan to use ODBC
can you describe what your problem (apart from using app_mysql), as the subject is not really telling
and as you have guessed I uses ODBC and asterisk 18 so I have not paid attention to the fact app_mysql has been deprecated

My question is: Can I use MySQL and ODBC without app_mysql. Apparently, you have already answered it - it is possible.

if you need help with setting up ODBC for MySQL
just post, and I will try my best :slight_smile:
or google it, as there many guides on the interweb for that

It is possible with other Mysql Versions? Or?

Maybe do you know, how to install Mariadb connector and ODBC drive to ubuntu 20.04 Server?

hmm only for redhat but I guess it is almost the same
so something like this

apt-get install mariadb-connector-odbc unixODBC


Description = MariaDB Asterisk database
Trace = Off
TraceFile = stderr
Driver = MariaDB
USER = asterisk
PASSWORD = VerySecurePassword
PORT = 3306
DATABASE = asterisk


queues => odbc,asterisk
queue_members => odbc,asterisk
voicemail => odbc,asterisk,voicemail
musiconhold => odbc,asterisk,musiconhold
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Tittle is in Spanish, but content is in English

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