Native PostgreSql?

Hi I’m using 1.4.0 on Ubuntu LTS. I already tried various places to figure out on the subject, without luck.

My question is start from: What’s the purpose of using database like Postgres with Asterisk and all the related questions. (I guess to achieve some kind of dynamism in contrast to static configuration)

Oviously, storing CDR is a good usage of DB and I found cdr_pgsql.conf. So I know what that is.

I also found odbc stuffs in extconfig.conf but I don’t know how can I use native PostgreSql instead of odbc.

Finally, somehow it seems to me DB like PostgreSql is not used as it used to be(no recent updated doc, no postings on the subject, etc) If is this true, in what way can I achieve similar dynamism? Just DB backended AGI and AMI can do same (or better)?