PJSIP - The previous reload command didn't finish yet

I have Asterisk 15.4.1
I have a problem, and I checked all system and nothing.

Sometimes after reload in cli I receive this message:
"A module reload request is already in progress; please be patient
The previous reload command didn’t finish yet ".

The pjsip stop work and we cant receive or origin more calls.

For work again I need restart asterisk. (kill -9)

After restart I can make reload many times and dont stop more. But sometimes randomlly he stop with “pjsip reload”

Please use kill -3, or almost anything except -9, when killing Asterisk, as -9 will not result in the memory dump that is needed to debug this sort of situation.

(In general, kill -9 should only be used as a last resort, when other ways of killing the process have failed.)

You can also attach the debugger to the running process, or use gcore, which automates attaching the debugger, requesting a memory dump, and then detaching.

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After restart, the process slow for crash again, I need wait stop again because the server is production and I will start asterisk with -g after next crash

I don’t know if has relation but today the asterisk down totally , and no only PJSIP, in my syslog show: segfault at 7f1caf1832b8 ip 00007f1dd4ea8446 sp 00007f1d2781d940 error 6 in libasteriskpj.so.2[7f1dd4d9a000+154000]

I dont konw if have relation with other problem