Asterisk 17.3.0/PJSIP 2.10, dialplan does't work on AWS EC2 istance

Hi, I am newbie on asterisk 17/PJSIP.

Installation ok, configuration of sip account for an extension ok, sip trunk ok.
Connection from zoiper ok to extension account ok.

When I call any number log show:
“Setting global variable ‘SIPDOMAIN’ to ‘XX.XX.X.X’” and nothing else.

After one minute call ends.

Please help me.

you havent provided much anyone can help with

look at the sip dialogue and see what the failure is - sngrep via os cli , tcpdump and wireshark , or pjsip set logger will get you the info you need

Please can you give me specific commands to obtain all log and error? Via CLI I can’t see nothing else.

you can start with below and google is full of additional resources on each that i mentioned earlier

Note that AWS has specific network conditions, which require additional configuration in PJSIP as if it were behind NAT. I don’t recommend using AWS to start out with due to that added complexity. It can be made to work certainly (there are other topics where people have gotten it to work) but it adds to the work.

I tryed in CLI:
pjsip set history on

The answer:
“No such command ‘pjsip set history on’ (type ‘core show help pjsip set history’ for other possible commands)”

ip-1XXXX*CLI> pjsip set logger on

Please help me!

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