Asterisk 14.6 + Mariadb MYSQL application errors

I have asterisk setup with mariadb database, i intend sending queries from the diaplan using MYSQL application.
When i send calls to the diaplan, i get the error “pbx.c:4088 pbx_extension_helper: No application ‘MYSQL’ for extension”.
I have res_config_mysql and app_mysql enabled .
Is it something to do with Mariadb or ?
I’m running on Debian 9

Please assist/advise.

Asterisk is telling you there is no application called MYSQL, If what you are trying is query a DB from the dialplan you can take a look to : ODBC connection or you can use System() for example :


same=>n,Set(dest=${SHELL( mysql -h --user=root --password=‘1XW2z’ --skip-column-names asterisk -e “select src from cdr limit 1”)})


HI, i have recompiled asterisk and enabled re_config_mysql and its now working perfectly