Application MYSQL on Asterisk 1.8

We have an Asterisk Server (version 1.4) that uses the application MYSQL (on extension.conf), When we upgrade to Asterisk 1.8, we got the follow message:

[Oct 31 08:43:45] WARNING[8623]: pbx.c:4088 pbx_extension_helper: No application ‘MYSQL’ for extension (default, 32870595, 1)
== Spawn extension (default, 32870595, 1) exited non-zero on ‘SIP/31775073-00000003’

We search for this application and in fact it isn’t exist, so we would like to know how to install or activate this application in asterisk 1.8 or is exists another way to do MYSQL operations via extension.conf.

Thank you for the help.

Best Regards,

Rômulo Lima

When you compile the asterisk did you do a: make menuselect and enable the app_mysql?

Hi Navaismo,

Thank you for the reply, but unfortunately, when I go to this option, I not found the app_mysql. The only applications beginning with “m” are:

[] app_macro
XXX app_meetme
] app_milliwatt
[] app_minivm
] app_mixmonitor
[] app_morsecode
] app_mp3

Do you have another suggestion?

Hi, its under Add-ons menu, you need mysql and mysql-devel dependencies.

I looked in this section too, but this app is disabled, see bellow:

XXX app_mysql
[ ] app_saycountpl
XXX cdr_mysql
XXX chan_mobile
[ ] chan_ooh323
[ ] format_mp3
XXX res_config_mysql

When I selected the app_mysql option, the utility shows the follow information:

Simple Mysql Interface

Depends on: mysqlclient(E)
Can use: N/A
Conflicts with: N/A
Support Level: deprecated, Replaced by: func_odbc

Now I have two questions:

If the func_odbc replaces the app_mysql, how can I use it?
Can we enable this app_mysql in Asterisk 1.8?


If you see XXX app_mysql its caused for missing dependencies in this case be sure to install mysql-server and mysql-devel. Then go and execute the configure script again and make menuselect.

Hi Romulo,

If you install the libraries listed below will work without problems mysql.

(libmysqlclient15-dev, libmysql+±dev, libmysqld-dev)



Hi Severo,

After install these libs, the MYSQL aap works!

Thank you, very much.