Asterisk-14.5.0 witch gui?

Dear friends
i compiled asterisk-14.5.0 with all futures exept hardware drivers and cards
to use as sip-trunks and sip-extentions only
but asterisk-gui is becomes endless loop
i spend lots of time but still is same

my questions are

1- is latest git source GUI-version : SVN–r5219 asterisk-gui suitable to asterisk-14.5.0 or not?

2- is GUI-version : SVN–r5219 able to work fully mysql backend?

3- if answers are yes how can i get success?

4- if not so witch gui to use with asterisk-14.5.0

The Asterisk GUI is not a maintained project and has not been touched in many years. It is unlikely to work with Asterisk 14.

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Witch gui to use now?

We (the Asterisk project) do not maintain or provide a GUI. There are other projects that have such a thing, such as FreePBX[1] or Wazo[2].


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Thank you very mutch friend.