How relevant is asterisk-gui 2.0 to asterisk 14?

Pls, I need a little clarification. I tried to use asterisk-gui 2.0 (download from with asterisk 14.3.1. When I make changes through the gui, and click save; it keeps applying changes indefinitely. What could be the problem? Is the asterisk-gui still relevant to current asterisk version?.

Asterisk GUI a long time ago is dead, if you want a GUI to use Asterisk use FreePBX.

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I think there were some errors I cannot place my hand on at the moment while I was setting it up; I started a new set up yesterday on another machine, I used the same asterisk-gui 2.0 and it just worked perfectly fine.

The fact remains that Asterisk GUI is unsupported. You are not going to get useful answers about it here.

I should have added, I used asterisk11.25 instead of asterisk14.5 I was initially working on.

Doesn’t matter, the GUI is dead since v1.8 or before IIRC.