Asterisk 13 send wrong ip addresses in HEP packets

Hi all,
I have Asterisk 13 with PJSIP and some clients that use WebRTC for connection to my Asterisk. Also I have HOMER that recieve form Asterisk HEP packets. The problem is that for all SIP packets that generate my WebRTC clients Asterisk send in HEP packets same ip address (client ip address) in source and destination field. On call-flow in HOMER it looks like client send all SIP packets to himself. Some example:
HEP3 Protocol
Length (Bytes): 1892
Protocol family: IPv4
Protocol ID: UDP
Source port: 49467
Destination port: 49467
Timestamp: 1485262590
Timestamp us: 903000
Protocol Type: SIP
Capture ID: 1234
Source IP address:
Destination IP address:
Correlation ID: 48607821-99d8-d400-4531-557e671ef1cf

For all my trunk connections, clients that use ip phones or softphones all work normal. The problem only with WebRTC clients.

I’d suggest filing an issue on the issue tracker[1]. I don’t believe websockets were tested for use with the HEP functionality so it may not work correctly.