Webrtc + pjsip + Monitoring SIP messages

Hello guys,

I Want to monitor my pjsip messages that send/receive from my webrtc(wss) but i’ve difficult with it, I’ve triyng to use sngrep but without sucess, I actived the HEP local Server with res_hep(res_hep_pjsip and res_hep_rtcp) in hep.conf to use sngrep but nothing happes, i used tcpdump to see the packet’s on port 9060 but nothing is passing, I don’t know if my logic is correct, i need some help.

hep.conf config:

enabled = yes

capture_address =
capture_password = foo
capture_id = 1234
uuid_type = call-id

where the ip is my asterisk server.

I’m using Webrtc(wss) + TLS(pem file) + Pjsip in asterisk 16, O.S centos 7.

TLS uses 5061 and the capture will be encrypted. You would need to use Asterisk’s own logging for clear text.

Hello david, thanks to answer me…

I get SIP MESSAGES from port 8203 that I configured in http.conf at parameter tlsbindaddr.

when a use (pjsip set logger on) directly in console of asterisk, i can see sip messages clear,when a use tcpdump to get the sip messages from port 8203 all the packets is TLS encrypted, because of it a tried to use hep config, i tried to decrypt without success.

As already noted…

Asterisk is not a HEP Server but has a built-in HEP Capture agent
If you want to monitor the flow using the HEP protocol, you have to build a HEP Capture Server

Try sipacture/homer

the address in the hep.conf will be the server’s address where you want to rout all the logging messages

I built a HEP Capture Server using docker (Heplify) and it works. I am able to turn on the logging for HEP Capture for debugging purposes

Oops. HEP is a new one on me and I misread 9060 as 5060. :frowning:

I’d still suggest using the native capturing and logging if possible, as people are used to interpreting it, and it is synchronised with other relevant logging.

david551, ok it’s correct port 9060 thanks for help me , I will try to use the home server too, like a other option… thanks jcbru0560 for the hint.


thanks for help me. I got monitoring sip messages using hep.conf

sngrep: I needed just open sngrep with lo interface and just configure EEP/HEP in sngrep, and my password in sngrep and hep.conf was different and because of it any packet is passing trere.

HEP Capture Server: is working, I just installed with quick intalling in centos7 and changed the server in hep.conf to another server that I UP.

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