Asterisk 13 Cdrs reduces by 1 secs

Hello team,

I am using Asterisk 13, Chan sip and found that all my CDRs on all calls are limiting by 1 second. Please what can be done to fix this?

Thank you.

Please retry with a supported version of Asterisk (18 or 20). If the problem is still there provide logging with verbose level 5, from the full log, so that it includes timestamps, and the resulting CDRs.

You are using an end of life version, and it not clear to me what “limiting by 1 second” means. Do you mean calls are only ever 1 second long, that they are one second shorter than you think they should be, or something else.

Thank you David. Calls are always one second shorter than they should be.

How do you measure what they should be?

Note that network operators typically charge the full unit cost for part of a unit, so if they charge by the second, 50.0001 seconds will be billed as 51 seconds. Also no signalling system, and particularly no VoIP signalling system communicates instantaneously (the ultimate limit is set by the speed of light, but VoIP systems are much slower), so the provider’s idea of the exact start and end times will differ from yours.

If you are trying to cross-check billing with a resolution of less than a second, there probably will be discrepancies.

Thank you very much, David. This is precisely the case. Apart from the provider, customers who use switches such as mediacore and digitalk are always one second ahead after cross-checks. I’d really appreciate a fix because this causes discrepancies when we bill customers less and providers bill us more.

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