Asterisk 12 with sipml5+ PJNATH issue

Hi ,

We trying to work on Asterisk 12 with sipml5+ PJNATH ,We can able register but calling is not working .The same configuration test with Xlite soft phone it working fine

Please advice us

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  1. Why are you using PJNATH? You can setup ICE, TURN and STUN via rtp.conf

  2. Using a normal sip connection wouldn’t help to troubleshoot since SIPML5 use webrtc and webrtc has some different settings than normal sip.

  3. Describe a little your issue and the scenario and provide logs from Asterisk and SIPML5.

Hi ,

We trying test pjnath with Asterisk ,We already tested with chan_sip nd it is working

We have tested with normal sip phone it is working

Please advice what are log you want

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We need the logs from asterisk with the sip debug activated and the sipml5 browser log, and describe where is the issue, or what is the problem.