Asterisk 12.6 // TURN // WebRTC // No audio


I’m hoping someone would help me to analyse this log file, I’ve been trying and experiencing everything I could to make this work but I can’t figure a way to make it work. The WebRTC setup is working on local network. Now the setup has been moved to hosting and it doesn’t work anymore.
I tried using ICE alone, but it’s not working. I’ve setup a TURN server on the same Debian instance than Asterisk but it’s not working. I’m looking into SDP but my knowledge of networks and SIP is not useful enough to perfectly understand what’s going on wrongly.

The complete Asterisk log file is here :
(sip and rtp debug on)

Architecture :

  • Asterisk PBX 12.6.
    Public IP :
    Private IP :
    Not behind NAT.
    SIP is at 5060. It is Realtime enabled, WebRTC configured, WebSockets on :8088/ws, TLS and SRTP enabled and configured. RTP from 49152 to 65635.
    reTURNServer installed on the same Debian instance, TURN on :3478, TLS on :5349, STUN on :5355.

  • HMP 3 from Dialogic working perfectly fine.
    Not behind NAT. On the same network than Asterisk.
    Public IP : not relevant to communicate here as it communicates to Asterisk using internal network.
    Private IP :
    SIP is at 5060. RTP from 49152 to 65635.
    I make successfull calls from a whole lot of SIP phones using this PBX.

  • WebRTC Client is sipML5 from
    Behind NAT. Not on the same network than Asterisk or HMP.
    Public IP :
    Private IP :
    User is “mySIPUser”, successfully registers at ws://
    Browser is the lastest Chrome (38).

reTURNServer.config :

[code]TurnPort = 3478
TlsTurnPort = 5349
AltStunPort = 5355
TurnAddress =
AltStunAddress =
AuthenticationMode = 2
AuthenticationRealm = AsteriskREALM
NonceLifetime = 3600
AllocationPortRangeMin = 49152
AllocationPortRangeMax = 65535
DefaultAllocationLifetime = 600
MaxAllocationLifetime = 3600
MaxAllocationsPerUser = 0
TlsServerCertificateFilename = /etc/asterisk/keys/asterisk.pem
TlsTempDhFilename =

leave blank if key is not encrypted

TlsPrivateKeyPassword = ********

Logging Type: syslog|cerr|cout|file

LoggingType = file


LoggingLevel = DEBUG
LogFilename = /var/log/reTurnServer.log
LogFileMaxLines = 50000

It is highly recommended that these values are NOT left at their

default setting

LongTermAuthUsername = MyTURNLogin
LongTermAuthPassword = MyTURNPassword

Must be true or false, default = false, not supported on Windows

Daemonize = true

On UNIX it is normal to create a PID file

if unspecified, no attempt will be made to create a PID file

#PidFile = /var/run/reTurnServer/

reTURNServer.log :

Any help will be much appreciated !