Asterisk 12.0.0-beta1 on Ubuntu Server 12.04.3

Here are the packages I needed to install to get Asterisk 12.0.0-beta1 running on Ubuntu Server

apt-get install build-essential libxml2-dev libncurses-dev libssl-dev uuid-dev libjansson-dev libsqlite3-dev

Maybe it will save someone a few minutes, as there seem to be a couple of new dependencies.

I knew about all the dependencies in version 11.X, that you mentioned above but not really about this one libjansson-dev

Is the script /usr/src/asterisk-11.5.1/contrib/scripts/install_prereq included ? Or it installs too many dependencies?

libjanson is necessary in Asterisk 12.

Excellent, but i would like to know what asterisk module or function depend on this package please ?

Stasis, the new message bus.