Asterisk + Avaya G650 Gateway

Hi all,

 I have configured my asterisk PBX with avaya phone by converting the phone firmware to SIP. I am having  an avaya G650 gateway. Now i need to connect my asterisk PBX to Avaya gateway and get calls from the gateway. 

Please tell what are the hardwares needed and guide me how to start with the process.

Thanks for any light you can shed on my issue.

According to: … %20Gateway

The G650 offers a number of voice transport options:

I’d go the IP, analog or TDM routes. If you want to go analog or TDM you’ll need analog or E1/T1 interface cards (Digium’s a good choice). If you’re going IP, then you’ll want to do it over SIP, if your G650 allows that (I’m not familiar with their software loads. If you can’t go SIP on the IP trunk, then your backup is H.323 - note that the H.323 channel driver options for Asterisk aren’t as well supported as the SIP options.


Can you let me know how to convert the firmware to SIP. I have a 1603SW Avaya device and i try to register it with Asterisk only.

No clue, sorry.