Asterisk how to install realtime?

XXX res_config_mysql
— deprecated —
How install realtime?

localhost*CLI> realtime mysql status
No such command ‘realtime mysql status’ (type ‘core show help realtime mysql status’ for other possible commands)

Realtime mapping for ‘sippeers’ found to engine ‘mysql’, but the engine is not available

asterisk 1.8 doesn’t need to install certain Add-ons for real time (as the previous versions).

try to re-install asterisk.

I used:make menuselect

but it display:
XXX res_config_mysql
— deprecated —

so I can’t chose res_config_mysql module!
How can I install res_config_mysql for asterisk realtime?
Thank you !

menuselect will also tell you which missing dependencies are causing the XXX

I’m into the same problem.
Below is the missing dependency. However if even if i install it, the problem is still there.

MySQL RealTime Configuration Driver
Depends on: mysqlclient(E)

What I did:
apt-get install libmysqlclient15-dev

Did you re-run Asterisk’s ./configure after installing the library?

I just fixed it by the command below. Once you installed the MySQL database development files (libmysqlclient-dev), you need to configure asterisk again and do the make menu select. check the res_config_mysql in the addons and save the file. Then make install. :smiley:

apt-get install libmysqlclient-dev