Asterisk 1.8.0: causes 100% CPU load

Hi everybody

I tried to update my installation to 1.8.0 last weekend. Unfortunately there is a problem with the module under OS X, which causes a 100% CPU load right at start, independent of whether asterisk is actually doing something or not. I temporarily disabled the module in the modules.conf with noload => , and now everything runs fine…
Maybe somebody should have a deeper look at this module once again.


I see this effect as well. Now, its only occasionally using 100% of the CPU.

Anyone have any ideas? I’ll fall back to 1.4 if I have to, but I’d like to stay at the latest LTS release.

Check that this is not a known issues on

If it isn’t, make sure you have compiled with optimisation disabled, then use gcore to get a core dump, whilst it is showing the symptom, and follow the procedures in doc/backtrace.txt, before submitting a new issue.