Asterisk + GUI 2.0.4 + SIP

Hi all,

the simplest and second most asked question, how do i do it?

What i want to do is to build an internal network that is based on asterisk (all VoIP phones) which i was under the impression that i do not need any hardware for that.

Im using ubuntu 8.10 and tryying to test with softphone (ekiga) and my mobile (using fring). I got asterisk all installed and the gui, and started reading like alot of how-to’s on how to this in simply 5 minutes, but for some reason none of them worked.

I first want to see that my softphone and mobile are regestring on asterisk. this is how my sip.conf looks like:

and if what i understood so far, is that this is all i need to get the softphone registered on asterisk (that is i won’t be able to make any calls or do anything) but at least when i start the softphone it will show on my asterisk console that it registered.

anyways this is also what i have in my extensions.conf:

and this is what i have in ekiga account setup: is the ip of the server (they both are on the same machine)

this gives me “registration of user1 to failed”

but if i dial anything from ekiga, i get this on the asterisk console:

and if i turn sip debug on, this is what i get:

MyHomeServer is my machine’s name (which is

sorry for the lengthy post.[/quote]

i thought there would at least one person to answer with anything, even something “plz read more” :smile:

come on people … some help here :cry:

am i asking in the wrong place ?!?!

Ok, first, FYI, It can be somewhat difficult to get 24 hr return on questions, most everyone here is donates their time, if you follow what I mean.

Second, I will see if I can help you, I was born recently but not lastnight (LOL) so I will do what I can. I see that u are running Ubuntoooooo, need to know what ver of Asterisk u installed (Asterisk or *Now & ver. #), and what softphone are you trying to use. I only use zoiper so I won’t be able to help with much more than that.

When u installed asterisk did you try to run the “GUI” to set up ur sip users instead of trying to “hard code” the info into sip.conf ?


Note: When first posting on this site, either as a “newbee or otherwise” it is always best to provide the OS type & version number, Asterisk or *Now version number, so that those trying to help will know what we are dealing with so as to better assist you. And remember it’s free so be willing to wait unless you want to pay for assistance then be sure to state that you are. Everyone likes money, money seems to motivate people for some reason…

[quote=“wrhowell”]need to know what ver of Asterisk u installed [/quote] i have all of these in the title of the thread

i tried to hard code it in the sip.conf … anyways i got it to work yesterday following this guide here (but this is only the asterisk server and sip, no gui, and no fring on my mobile)