Asterisk and Softphone ( Problem)

Hello everybody I installed Asterisk and the ekiga Softphone on my Ubuntu Machine. I configured my Asterisk so:




exten => 1001,1,Answer()
exten => 1001,2,Playback(hello-world)
exten => 1001,3,Hangup()

Now I start Asterisk with the command: asterisk -vvvvvc and it runs!

My Ekiga Sip-Phone I Configred so: (my user account)
Name: user
Benutzer: 2000
Passwort: ****

Now if i start ekiga with the command: “ekiga -d 1” I Got the following Error:

2012/05/01 13:55:45.065	  0:00.163	                       	Detecting V4L2 devices
2012/05/01 13:55:45.156	  0:00.253	                       	Detecting V4L2 devices
2012/05/01 13:55:45.209	  0:00.307	                       	MonSock	Could not listen on fe80::216:eaff:fe8a:b6ba:5060 - Das Argument ist ungültig
2012/05/01 13:55:45.323	  0:00.421	                       	Detecting V4L2 devices
2012/05/01 13:55:45.331	  0:00.428	                       	Detecting V4L2 devices
2012/05/01 13:55:45.337	  0:00.435	                       	Detecting V4L2 devices
2012/05/01 13:55:45.490	  0:00.588	                       	Detecting V4L2 devices
2012/05/01 13:55:45.497	  0:00.595	                       	Detecting V4L2 devices
2012/05/01 13:55:45.585	  0:00.682	                       	Ekiga version 3.3.2
2012/05/01 13:55:45.585	  0:00.682	                       	OPAL version 3.10.2
2012/05/01 13:55:45.585	  0:00.682	                       	PTLIB version 2.10.2
2012/05/01 13:55:45.585	  0:00.683	                       	Accelerated rendering support enabled
2012/05/01 13:55:45.585	  0:00.683	                       	DBUS support enabled
2012/05/01 13:55:45.585	  0:00.683	                       	GConf support enabled
2012/05/01 13:55:50.408	  0:05.506	Opal Liste...0xac14f700	Listen	UDP read error.
2012/05/01 13:55:50.428	  0:05.526	                       	STUN	Failed to bind to local UDP port in range 5060-5060
2012/05/01 13:55:50.429	  0:05.527	                       	MonSock	Could not listen on fe80::216:eaff:fe8a:b6ba:5060 - Das Argument ist ungültig

Did somebody have an Idea what I made wrong or how I could solve this Problem ?

You tried to run two SIP UAS’s (user agent servers) on the same machine without overriding the default SIP port number on at least one of them.

You also asked on a discussion forum, instead of the support forum.

Hello David55,
first thanks for your fast and helpful Reply.
Next Time I will post my Question/Problem in the Support Section!

Could you or somebody please tell me how I could override the default SIP port number ?


You can either change it for Asterisk or for Ekiga. In either case, you need to change both.

For the Asterisk side, look at the port and bindaddr parameters in the sample sip.conf file. I can’t help with the corresponding Ekiga change.

Hello David55,
thanks for your fast and helpful Reply.
I changed my sip.conf so :


Maybe you could tell me another Sofphone where I could bind the udp port ? Is there X-Lite for Ubuntu ?, because I searched and there are only Downloads for Windows and Mac!
Or could you tell me another good Softphone ?


bindport=5060 just explicilty sets the default value.

I don’t know how to configure Ekiga. X-Lite, as you say, is for Windows, but I can’t see anyway of changing the port on either side for it. It is possible that that feature is in the paid for version.

On the other hand, Google does know (setting ekiga port). The article I found is one where Ekiga moves its port number, so you you will need to change the peer port, not the bind port, in Asterisk.

I wouldn’t advise running Asterisk on an end user machine and I wouldn’t advise using a softphone for serious applications.