Asterisk shift8sa call transfer drops not to VM box

When we do a blind call transfer, the phone rings but if the customer doesn’t answer the phone it cuts the caller off instead of sending the call to the voice mail box
If I call the customer’s extension directly and the no answers calls go straight into her voice mail box.

Are we hitting a software bug ?


Any voicemail redirection is done by the dialplan you provide (it might also be supplied by a GUI, but you didn’t mention a GUI, and you should ask Asterisk GUI questions on an appropriate forum).

A CLI trace would help to show where the dialplan is going wrong.

The dialplan would have to go outj of its way to behave differently for a blind transfer. The only relevant state would be a channel variable and possibly the use of a different context.

The details of transfer handling differ between real SIP transfers and Asterisk features transfers. Some SIP phones implement blind transfers as attended transfers, under the hood.