Asterisk 1.4.13 + Epia 800 Compile Issue

I’m having issues getting Asterisk 1.4.13 to compile correctly on an Epia 800. Because the Epia 800 doesn’t support all i686 instructions correctly, the solution has always been to compile for a i586 processor instead.

This worked great with 1.2.x but now when I try to do this for 1.4.13 I get errors and the compile stops.

I have tried this with both Slackware 12 and Ubuntu 7.10 and I get the same result. The present OS is Ubuntu 7.10

Note: If I just compile the i686 code, it compiles, but of course the binary is useless on this processor.

Note: Solution Found - see next post

[quote]./configure --build=i586

Solution Found Here:

Although I’ll post the solution here

Run these commands