Asterisk 1.2.17 Channel H323 issue

In early versions of Asterisk I typed “Make Opt” in channels/H323
and H323 channel was installed, however in 1.2.17 version this command
doesnt work. I read H323 Readme file but there is no changes in the instructions to install it.

Please, could some one to help me !

Thanks in advanced.


i’ve also came across with the same issue. when i have already done the prerequisites then going to channels/h323 directory and issue a ‘make opt’ command nothing happens.
not like with the 1.4 version of asterisk wherein under the same directory, make opt command does something, however, on my scenario it does not produce in asterisk modules but creates the h323.conf file…

any suggestions on this one?

Please see my post I had the same issue in asterisk 1.2.22 and found a work-around. Tell me if this helps.