Asterik cable conections and modem!

I there im now getting a pbx at my home using asterik and already getted server using linux and installed like in instructions but i need to ask 2 things

one is how is wiring from each phone to server done? with pinout to use?
second is if there is any other modem good to use beside those indicate in web? since i cannot found any of that!

tks in advance!

And your BSD related question is …?

Sorry if i posted out of place! i checked asterik webpage and im thinking in to build my own pbx central at my home and i would like to know if that is possible!
i folowed instructions at … &Itemid=26 and managed to get all the items but i don t know cable pinout to conect each phone to server!
if not here please let me know where i can ask this questions! tks in advance!