AsterClick HTML5 Opensource project

Howdy All

Just thought I would drop a note on the latest progress with the
AsterClick HTML5 opensource project.

For those of you who have not yet heard of AsterClick, you can find out more
at the project’s home page

In a nutshell , AsterClick is an Asterisk AMI middleware tool
that exploits the WebSockets feature in HTML5 Javascript to
provide a real time event driven interface in JavaScript.

We do mean event driven! think about the implications
of the javascript below made possible by the AsterClick tools.


etc. etc.

The code is super quick too. Watching indicators in the browser for hold status or the like ,
one sees it is nearly indiscernible in speed from the hold light led on the phone itself.

The latest news relates to the upcoming addition of the
AsterClick WBEA tool that will allow you to deploy
AsterClick web based applications as stand alone executable
desktop applications using the exact same Javascript code with
in most cases no code modifications at all.

The WBEA tool will like the rest of the AsterClick
tools be opensource!!!