Notify or update data in browser with asterisk

Hi I’m new to asterisk. I need to integrate asterisk on my external web application. Not sure how to notify or update external web application with asterisk dialplan. Is there anyone here who can guide me on this issue.

Someone call a sip number and asterisk sip number rang.
I need to show it on a client browser who is using that number that someone is calling.

Hope to hear from you guys

Look for FOP(flash operator panel), FOP2, MONAST, and so on, if you want a DIY solution start reading about AMI commands.

Old thread but I share my experience that can help someone.
I’ve got good result by using new Websocket feature of HTML5, in this way Asterisk can notify a open browser without using polling.
Polling with lot of users/agents over a PBX can decrease performance.

Look at this
there’s also the source code so you can change it for your requirements.