Restrict internal extension calls


I can say that I am new with Asterisk but very interested know how I can do this.

I am currently struggle my problem that how I can make restrictions.

I have extension/extension groups 100 000 - 199 999 and 200 000 - 299 999. How I can make rule that only allow internal call between 100 000 - 199 999 extensions but not can’t make call 200 000 - 299 999?

I have understand that I need to make own .conf file which I need include extensions.conf?

Have 2 different _context_s for 100 000 - 199 999 and 200 000 - 299 999 endpoints in sip.conf.
… …

… …

and in extensions.conf

exten => _1XXXXX,1,NoOP(Calls from 1XXXXX to 1XXXXX endpoints)
same => n,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN})
… …

exten => _2XXXXX,1,NoOP(Calls from 2XXXXX to 2XXXXX endpoints)
same => n,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN})
… …

–Satish Barot

I try to make these modification using your examples but still I can make call 100101 to 200111 number.
So what I made wrong?

Firstly, you don’t make calls from extensions to extensions; you make calls from devices to extensions. Unfortunately, FreePBX confuses the two.

To make contexts work, the source device must be associated with a context that only contains the extensions it is allowed to call.

Unfortunately, though, I think you are using FreePBX, which will get in the way, as there will be many contexts between the caller and the called number. If you want to do multi-tenant on FreePBX, you should ask on

Thanks, I think that I now understand.

I am currently using AsteriskNow which include this FreePBX so these above examples don’t work. I need to ask this in FreePXB forum and see if I get there my answer.