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1-I use ARI C#, and with the method play (sender.Channels.PlayAsync(e.Channel.Id, “sound:welcome”, “fr”) to play a sound:welcome, I have as error in the CLI
“res_stasis_playback.c:276 playback_final_update: 1596837273.291: Playback failed for sound:welcome”
Does someone knows what’s this error and how should I do to avoid it?

2-If we would like to use our owner file .wav using into the IVR, how should we do with the file. the extension of our file is .wav

Thank you so much

Can you send information about what parameters are you using?
You should set asterisk.conf verbose to a value biggest than 3 so you will be able to see a more informational message.
As far as I know, you should convert your wav file to other formats like, ulaw, alaw or any other . . . .

You should encode your file so the ‘file’ command shows something like:

example.wav:  RIFF (little-endian) data, WAVE audio, Microsoft PCM, 16 bit, mono 8000 Hz

You may also find a tool like ‘normalize’ useful.

In this case, using a wav file in the correct encode parameters, what kind of encode asterisk uses to send the rtp? Does Asterisk converts on the fly? In my projects I use g729, is it possible to convert on the fly?

If you have the codecs, license capacity, and the CPU capacity, yes.

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Asterisk only supports two very specific configurations of .wav files, and only own of those uses lower case wav. .wav is a wrapper format, that can be used for many different detailed encodings.

Asterisk will convert on the fly if it can a combination of codec modules that can do the conversion.

The actual encoding (codec) is determined by a combination of the allow lines in your configuration and what the peer sends in its SDP.

For historic reasons, G.729 uses a non-free codec module and you must install it and license it separately.

You can also pre-convert standard announcements, and music, to G.729, using any suitable tool. Asterisk will pick the audio file that is easiest to convert to the codec actually used. The ideal, for performance is to have preconverted files for every codec that could be used.

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