Ari channel ring problem


I have problem that ARI /channels/{channelId}/ring in some situation doesn’t produce ringing to target channel.

Worklow is like this:

  1. Create Bridge

  2. Create Channel1

  3. Create Channel2

  4. Add Channel1 to Bridge

  5. Execute /channels/{channelId}/ring to Channel1 (this works)

  6. Add Channel2 to Bridge

  7. Execute /channels/{channelId}/ring to Channel1 (NOT working)

Point 6 is the same as point 4, but is not working. Maybe is the problem because at point 5 bridge is switching from simple_bridge technology to softmix.

Is this ringing observation by design or could be a bug?

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I believe once the channel is in the bridge then the bridge ultimately has control over it and does things accordingly. It may just be an implementation detail that /ring works while it is alone in the bridge. The /ring wasn’t designed or meant to be used when in a bridge.

What exactly are you wanting to do?


I found this while testing our player component which can play multiple sounds, moh and also make rings. It was strange that playing to channel works, but not ringing.

From developer point of view it is nice to have consistent behavior, so if you can play to channel I would expect that I can also ring to it. If the channel is alone in bridge or not alone should make no difference.

Maybe use case will be something like this. You have two channels in bridge and while inviting third one you will ring to first two.

It is not a big deal, but as I sad, it is nice that things are working in predictable way as much as possible.

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