Using ARI, It make too many channel for simple thing

So I have shifted call to ari and basics flow looks like

Inbound call → send this channel to bridge → play a media to bridge & create new parallel bridges to dial softphone → one of the softphone answer and join bridge

but this same flow happens on a diffrent non ari server but the call traffic is almost same why this is so much channel

@jcolp can you help on this one ?

Don’t tag people. It’s rude. If people want to respond, then they will. ARI uses channels for different things, that’s the way it works.

hey really sorry man!

but is it a problem ? running almost 1-2x more channel rather then normal without ari call case ?

It’s working the way it is designed, implemented, and written. That itself is not a problem.

If you’re asking if it can BECOME a problem, then sure. Everything can become a problem eventually so until that point - then no. It’s not a problem now.

thank you man, and really sorry about the tagging part. Have nice day.

Hey is the the bridge record supposed to create a Recorder Channel ? for the bridge