ARI callrecording

Does anybody Knows why we can not records calls when originate calls with ARI asterisk?
Thank For your helps

Define what “record calls” actually mean and describe what you are attempting to accomplish.

I am using ARI for originate calls as below:

public void ClickToDialFromTo(string from, string to, int projectCode)
AriClient ActionClient = new AriClient(new StasisEndpoint(“voip”, 8088, “root”, “password”), “HelloWorld”, false);


        ActionClient.Channels.OriginateAsync("SIP/" + from, + projectCode + to, "from-internal-additional", 1, null, null, null, to, null, null, null, null, null, null);


    catch (Exception ex)
        string err = ex.Message;

when originate is success and extension is answer the call, we do not have any recordings in Issabel PBX even though we enable recording extension in PBX.

I do not know how Issabel does recording or how it is expected to work. That’s functionality it would have, and not ARI, so your question is really “how do I originate a call in Issabel and have its recording functionality work”.

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