no requests to server

Hello. I’ve used earlier, as usual for check which of devices subscribe, because

ari show app hello
Name: hello
  Debug: No
  Subscription Model: Application/Explicit Resource Subscription
  Subscriptions: 0

Here is only endpoints, not devices. At the server(server has static IP and connect to internet directly to ISP without router) I’ve stopped firewall and started tcpdump 8088. but when tried to explore
Can't read from server. It may not have the appropriate access-control-origin settings.

and no packages at the server from swagger. Is it possible something blocking receiving requests from swagger? or swagger is broken?

Swagger on that website is HTML and Javascript that is run in your browser. It tries to do an HTTP (or HTTPS request) to the address given. I assume you’ve updated the URL in to be correct? Are you able to connect from the same browser directly to Asterisk at the same address?

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