ARA sip registration issue

I am using ARA with the following below settings from last 2 years but I want to change its way
because of this below setting I am unable to change the listening sip port and always use sip reload whenever I change any setting in sip_reg table

sippeers => odbc,asterisk,sip_buddies
sipusers => odbc,asterisk,sip_buddies
voicemail => odbc,asterisk,voicemail_users
sip.conf => odbc,asterisk,sip_reg

Can you please hlep me so that above two issues i am facing dont occur?

Asterisk can only listen on one SIP port.

chan_sip does not support the features you are looking for. chan_pjsip does.

Using chan_pjsip, you can define multiple transports, each of which can listen on a particular port.



As for not having to issue a reload when you create an outbound registration, a combination of ARI with Sorcery can allow you to dynamically manipulate configuration objects without having to issue reloads. An example of doing this with PJSIP endpoints can be found on the wiki; the principle is exactly the same with outbound registration objects.

Hi David,

Thanks for your reply but I also want it to listen on one port bout would like to change its port from 5060 to something else.

Hi mjordan,

Thnaks for your reply, earlier I used the fully asterisk realtime dynamic where I changed the SIP listening but what is happening now SIP registration line is working from sip.conf which I do not want, I want it should be read from mysql db and dont want sipregs separate table, please sugest

There’s no suggestion for me to make. As I said, chan_pjsip supports what you want to do. chan_sip does not.