App meetme not compiling!

greetings all,

i just realized that is not in my modules directory. i am running asterisk i can see the app_meetme.c in the installation dir but it does not compile it and put it in the correct dir. Has anyone else ever seen this happen and how can i fix it!?! thanks.

i am running fedora 5

i would suspect that you’re missing zaptel. a quick glance at the Makefile would suggest as much too.

i actually did not have it installed. the reason being is because i do not have the sources for the kernel that fedora 5 has. i have the latest one. 2.6.17-1.2187_fc5 . how do i install the sources?

Just use yum to pull them in.

yum was doing it!. but i just read on a website about using yum install kernel-devel and that did it