App_agent_pool and local channels Dial()

We want the AgentLogin() functionality of agents always connected and calls appear automatically as they come in. However, the Dial() application has an option to allow us to play an audio to the agent and caller once connected or right before connection. And finally we want to be able to play a DTMF tone via AMI that is recognized by Asterisk (rather than just play out the channel specified).

How do I use local channels in the app_agent_pool arena to accomplish all of this?

What do you want to archive, with the DTMF signals? The Dial application offers you to send DTMF signals when connected, maybe that works better?

We want the agent always connected to Asterisk via the app_agent_pool. This situation does not entail the Dial() application. However, we want the A option on the Dial() application when connecting to an agent. I realize I can’t have both as far as I know.

Is there a way to have agents always on and be able to automatically play an audio to both the agent and caller when the channels connect (AgentConnect event)?

The situation with the DTMF signals is as such: When I record an announcement audio for our IVR, hitting the # sign will stop the recording. I want the recording to stop when calling the AMI PlayDTMF(#) action rather than use the # sign on the VoIP Phone. This allows us to keep all functionality on the application rather than the associated VoIP phone on the workstation.

I am exploring the possibility of the workstation receiving an AGENTCONNECT event and then automatically send a features applicationmap (#9) that will playback an audio to both caller and agent. However, the audio filename to playback is not static and I will need to somehow figure out how to determine the file to playback based on agent and client in the features.conf applicationmap.

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