Agent localchannel problem

Hi everyone!

I have an Agent (Agent/4000). This Agent has linked in a Queue (8000).
When an incomming call arrived in the Queue I would like to manage (send accept and end dtmf) this agent via AMI therefore the Agentlogin() is done by LocalChannel. Everything is Okey. I can push dtmfs from “outside”.

BUT How can I parking an incomming call?

I have a simple solution, but it doesn’t work well :frowning: :

1)When the Agent wants to parking the incomming call, send this AMI event which redirect the caller channel to a Dialplan extension and listening music.

action: redirect
channel: SIP/*******-********
context: context
exten: 1000
priority: 1

2)When the agent would like to switch back the caller send a new AMI event which originate the caller channel back.

Action: Originate
Channel: Agent/4000
Application: Bridge
Data: SIP/*******-*********

In this case I can’t manage the Agent via AMI. I can’t send DTMF for the Agent via LocalChannel. :cry:
I’v tried to Originate to the LocalChannel insted of the Agent/4000 but it doesn’t work.

Any idea?