AOR or AORS, I am confused

Please, can anyone explain what is it and what is AOR for? is aors or aor? and how is it use it or set it up? thank you

An AOR is an “Address of Record”… a collection of these AOR entries are called “AORs”.

When using chan_pjsip in Asterisk, each endpoint should be associated with an AOR section (type=aor) with the aors= setting. This is used so that one endpoint in chan_pjsip can be associated with one or more devices. For example, and endpoint named “Dewitt” might have two physical devices associated with the endpoint – the IP address and port for each of the devices should be in the assocated AOR section in the configs.

If a physical device (phone) is set to register to a particular endpoint, the details of that registration will also show up in the AOR section when the phone is registered. You can check this by running “pjsip show aors” at the Asterisk command-line interface.

hello jsmith and thank you for your help but please can you give me an example about the configuration from “Dewitt” you told me that I can associate two devices with an endpoint, how can I do that, what parameter should I use? thank you

When allocating several devices to a single endpoint, you need extra care for transfers as though transferring from one device to another one may be desirable, looping is to be avoided.

For unclear reasons, current dialplan functions to access AOR information didn’t exactly the way I hoped, so be careful when testing transfers with multiple devices per endpoint.

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