Pjsip, i am confusing about endpoints, aors, auths

Hi everybody,

I have an issue with configuration of endpoint. I moved all configuration to database and now I am confused because I thought AOR’s and AUTH’s name are custome but it isnt.

Example, but it is still from database.



and if I try make registration my Asterisk will show me that message
[Apr 10 09:41:59] WARNING[2402]: res_pjsip_registrar.c:1073 find_registrar_aor: AOR ‘’ not found for endpoint ‘100’

If I provide aors and auths exactly this same id as endpoint I am able to register. This is bug or I miss something ?

I think auth could be different but yes you need to use the same name for aor.
See this note on https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/PJSIP+Configuration+Sections+and+Relationships

The name of the AOR section must match the user portion of the SIP URI in the "To:" header of the inbound SIP registration. That will usually be the "user name" set in your hard or soft phones configuration.

you should read the

; Naming of Configuration Sections
; Configuration section names are denoted with enclosing brackets,
; e.g. [6001]
; In most cases, you can name a section whatever makes sense to you. For example
; you might name a transport [transport-udp-nat] to help you remember how that
; section is being used. However, in some cases, (“endpoint” and “aor” types)
; the section name has a relationship to its function.
; Depending on the modules loaded, Asterisk can match SIP requests to an
; endpoint or aor in a few ways:
; 1) Match a section name for endpoint type sections to the username in the
; “From” header of inbound SIP requests.
; 2) Match a section name for aor type sections to the username in the “To”
; header of inbound SIP REGISTER requests.
; 3) With an identify type section configured, match an inbound SIP request of
; any type to an endpoint or aor based on the IP source address of the
; request.
; Note that sections can have the same name as long as their “type” options are
; set to different values. In most cases it makes sense to have associated
; configuration sections use the same name, as you’ll see in the examples within
; this file.[quote=“przeqpiciel, post:1, topic:83523”]

Also I see you use id=xxx what it is this for ?

As above I wrote. I’m using a realtime database connection for AORs, AUTHs and ENDPOINTs so in this topic id=xxx meand a value from id column of specific table. I guess it is equivalent to [id] in pjsip.conf

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