Anyone in the UK who can help with installation?


We are looking to set up an installation of Asterisk in the UK (London). We are looking at 3xISDN2 incoming lines going into a 4 port Digium card running Asterisk on Fedora, servicing 14 extensions with Grandstream GXP-2000 handsets. Basic additional services (voicemail, call forwarding, conference calling) are also needed. We’d be running off 3Gz, 1CPU, 1GB RAM server.

Are there any companies out there that could help with paid-for on-site installation if we run into problems (we are a software company with fairly deep Linux experience, so are looking to install it ourselves but would like the safety net of a professional company in case things go wrong).

Also, are there any companies in the UK running a similar set up that would be happy to spend a couple of minutes talking to us about their experiences?

Thanks in advance,

I would recommend having a look and posting at Also, you may peruse this list: … ed+Kingdom