Anyone here use nodejs with asterisk?

Centos 7
Asterisk 13
Im asking because I need someone opinion regarding AMI API
Im programming nodejs to make calls out via AMI.
I have thousands of numbers I call; Do you recommend I place all phone numbers in an memory/array or
query each number via database query before I call AMI?
Which would be better and why?

Any particular reason to use node.js instead of PHP ?

I feel like I can manipulate more with nodejs in realtime, such as makes calls to linux CLI and asterisk CLI realtime plus I love socket io. I can send notification to users browsers realtime instead of long polling with PHP.

basically nodejs realtime feature > php; not sure if I been out of php loop as I use to be mainly php developer but push notification to browsers in php is lacking, it can be done but with constant client request to server (long polling) please correct me if im wrong, havnt been keeping up with php for few years now

I have used node.js but just at basic level to originate calls using AMI, but I didn’t continue, I prefer PHP or Python, but anyway if you feel comfortable using node.js keep going

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tbh I want to make a custom softphone website via nodejs so when agent receive calls, any if not all info regarding the client pops up realtime in the browser plus they dont need hardphone or standalone software instead everything is in the browsers. Only thing they need is a headset.

lmk if you need something for nodejs, im pretty effient with the code but i wouldnt call myself an expert, since you’ve been helping me alot with asterisk

I will take look later to node.js I prefer at the moment imporve my PHP skills because it is perfect for the things I do with Asterisk and also python as Im working with Raspberry PI GPIO library and Asterisk. Anyway thanks