Asterisk AMI & ARI

Hi All,

Need to learn how to manage asterisk using asterisk AMI & ARI . Want to integrate it with my nodejs application and give frontend to my users. We are even ready to pay for the services and training.

Kindly help.


Please provide detailed descriptions of the management part because it’s based on these requirements that we can determine whether AMI or ARI is a better fit for your case. In the meantime, take a look at this information.

There are multiple libraries for nodejs you can use, pick one that works with your Asterisk version.

The general procedure for AMI is:

  1. Connect to Asterisk
  2. Process events
  3. When receiving the “FullyBooted” event, you enable transmission of data to Asterisk.
  4. Send whatever data and requests you need
  5. Disconnect.

For better performance, you should have your application keep the connection to Asterisk open, and cache data you only need to read, based on the received events, sometimes requests can take some time to process, and as such a high number of requests for the same data, can really slow down your application a lot, and cause increased load on both Asterisk and your web application server.

For ARI, this is usually used to take control of the call during dialplan execution. I’ve never had a use case that required using it, and as such have not figured out how it works.

We need to make a web application for tasks like agent login and agent should be able to login and manage call transfers etc and also need a web page for supervisor so that they manage queues and see what all agents are doing etc and want this data to go into a database.

AMI actions and events.

do you provide consultation professionally. If yes we can connect

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