Any less expensive fxo/fxs solutions?

I’m disabled and on a fixed income but like to tinker with linux systems here at home. Way back in the day Digium used to have some reasonably priced cards to do single line analog telephony stuff. I finally am at a point where I have the time to play and discovered that the only thing they offer now is a $400+ card that does way more than I need.

I’ve google’d for cheaper cards and found sites like and the like, but many (if not all) appear to be scams. Can anyone recommend a card (or even a pair of cards if needed) that can handle fxs and fxo for a simple home based system? I only have one inbound POTS line to deal with and one phone (currently a multi-set cordless).


Have you thought about a gateway? For example,

Good luck,

Have a look at the Cisco SPA3102

It has one FXS and one FXO.