Answer to: original receiver number after forwarding

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here is my answer to david55.

My tech guys say that the information is not present. The provider that I’m using is not sending that kind of information/header.

Do you know some provider that have this feature?
I need a DID provider that send the Diversion header after the forwarding.

My problem, to sum up, is:

[code]CellPhoneNumberA -------------- calls ------------------------------> CellPhoneNumber B

CellPhoneNumberB ------------- forward the call to -------------> DIDProvidedByIpComms

DIDProvidedByIpComms ------- send all SIP information -----> MyAsteriskServer

So i would like to have:

CellPhoneNumberA and CellPhoneNumberB sent as SIP information to MyAsteriskServer by DIDProvidedByIpComms.[/code]


Although Diversion is best supported by Asterisk, I’ve seen PABXes that use the To header for this.